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I don't like that even if I don't have a FB account, FB still gets data about me from all of you who do have FB accounts and from those who have shared their contacts with FB or other apps. I'm guilty of having shared my contacts at one time or another with one app or another. So, I'm sorry. Your contact information is out there. If you are listed in ANYONE's contacts and they have shared them with apps, then those apps have your name, phone number, email and possibly your address from which they can sell your info and link you to any business you have interacted with and so much more. These companies exist solely to match our phone numbers, email address etc with other data about our online life; from what we buy, search, read, like etc. Not that I feel I have anything to hide, but I don't want targeted advertising and propaganda. No one is that that good at filtering the fake stuff out. Also updating this blog so it won't link back to any of my other social media links. Time to