Total Eclipse 2017Gatoraceae's Ramblings | Gatoraceae's Ramblings
Totality - 2017 EclipseEclipsed Edited: The difference between 99.9% and 100% totality is literally Night & DAY. Ochoco National Forest 14 or so miles north of Prineville, OR August 21st, 2017 10:20AM A moment one will never forget and forever have a hard time putting it into words The speed at which the shadow of totality hit was like hitting a light switch and seeing an incandescent bulb fade off in one second. Twilight to totality in a flash as the shadow flashed over. Literally felt like the sun went out. Bang! Gone! Temperature drop, cool crispness to the air Shouts and eruption of chatter, gasps of giddiness from our group A flurry of pointing things out look, there, Venus look, at the horizon all around 360 sunset look, at the ground - weird light shadow patterns look, the corona - waves like flames listen, silence, total nature silence where we were look, red solar flares look, a jet chasing the eclipse look, it’s back, another diamond quick, put