Christmas in Norway circa 1850’sGatoraceae's Ramblings | Gatoraceae's Ramblings
Christmas in Norway in the 1850's in some ways, in principle at least, isn't that much different from how I think of Christmas today, in 2016. Reading the memories from the attached document, at the end of this post, I see similarities. We still busy ourselves with preparations for the season in much the same way as my ancestors did. I stock the pantry for anticipated visitors. I bake holiday treats. I clean the house and decorate. I prepare the garden for winter. I put outdoor items into the shed and move things to under the protection of the eves. I donate to the local homeless shelter and food bank. Though, I think if we had more face to face contact with those who have less, we would probably give more generously as I think my relatives did. To see the need in someone's eyes is so much more moving then logging onto a charity website and clicking "donate". I think of my maternal family traditions which now must date back nearly 200 years and take pleasure in knowing that my great