Thank God My Toilet Bowl Cleaner is GLUTEN FEREE | Gatoraceae's Ramblings
Oh my gosh, I am so relieved to know that my TOILET BOWL CLEANER is GLUTEN FREE. I plan on drinking my toilet water! NOT! So, let me get this right, my bacon and ice cream, because they are meat and dairy products, DON'T have to be labeled if they are processed on equipment or in a facility with wheat, or contain added gluten according to the FDA. But my toilet cleaner is labeled? GLUTEN FREE TOILET BOWL CLEANER Guess what? Processed, even just sliced and packaged products of meats and ice cream are known to contain enough gluten to make me sick. I've been having vague tummy issues so I've been trying to narrow it down to what I've eaten lately. In doing so, I emailed Trader Joe's the following: How can I verify if products are produced in a gluten free facility? Are your Uncured Bacon Ends & Pieces and French Vanilla Ice Cream Gluten Free? They are on not on your Gluten Free Online pdf list. I am Celiac and am trying to figure out what I am reacting to. Trader Joes Reply: