Hopefull for rain tonightGatoraceae's Ramblings | Gatoraceae's Ramblings
Today the skies are a cloudy matte grey, short bursts of wind blow through the naked valley Flowering Tansy brightens a dark sky. oak tree branches as the squirrels busy themselves, running to and fro frantically digging here and there. My garden is filled with an ever increasing number of pockmarks as three resident squirrels try to reclaim long lost acorns, buried away last fall. In the process several young plants are uprooted. I reset in the soil a California Current (Ribes sanguineum) that had been carelessly dug and tossed to the side. Roots still attached, I have hope it will survive. The fate of a newly planted White Sage (Salvia apiana) did not have such a positive ending. I suspect a squirrel broke it off at ground level. I don't know what it did with the root ball. Such is the life of a garden. The squirrels munch their acorns like ears of corn, chewing rapidly from side to side and spinning the nut in their tiny front paws. As soon as it finishes one nut, it's back to