Guests and Grace - Revival 4 Women
By Rachel Baker – “Our life at the table, no matter how mundane, is sacramental—a means through which we encounter the mystery of God.” —Tim Chester, A Meal with Jesus When I was in college I lived in a tiny back-house studio in Anaheim. The room was a square which I quartered out into a kitchen, living room, office and sleeping quarters. In my tiny living area, I had a twin-sized sleigh bed which took up the majority of the space. When girlfriends and sisters came to visit I adjusted the space for my guests. I laid out special towels reserved for them and prepared special meals. “Be hospitable to one another without complaint.” 1 Peter 4:9 (NASB) I was raised on a culture of preparing for guests. My family is incredibly hospitable and if you were to stay in one of their homes you’d be cared for with a comfortable space, meals and libations. You will be prepared and planned for. This summer was incredibly busy, filled with travel and plenty of visitors. We now reside in Utah and have a special space set aside with the sole purpose of hosting guests. We’ve had all sorts of guests in our home: family, a friend with her small baby whose husband was on deployment, old neighbors with their children, sisters, long lost friends who used our home as a stopping point and so on. In one instance I had less than five hours between guests, I ran around flipping sheets and View >>