Founder Message - Revival 4 Women
Julie Pearson is an ordinary woman, but with an extraordinary vision. In 2009/ 2010 Julie sensed a vision for the church to be united for the sake of spreading the gospel. She wholeheartedly believes there is power in unity and ” We Are Better Together.” God calls for the church to be one, as God and the Son are one. Unity in the church body is foundational for the world to see and experience the love of Christ. Julie is an evangelist at heart. Since a little girl, she has had a keen desire for people to know her savior, Jesus Christ. She was the girl in high school who invited all her friends to youth group every Tuesday night. A gem for a youth pastor who is trying to grow his or her youth group beyond the church. Her gift of evangelism continued to soar in her later years. During her Sorority days on a secular college campus, Julie bravely started an inner sorority Bible Study. Twenty six years later, one of her sorority sisters who she introduced to Christ, called and told her she was sharing her story to her church congregation. God used Julie to plant a seed in a college girl’s life which germinated many years later. After college Julie interned for Young Life, a youth ministry aimed at bringing high school kids to know and experience Jesus. At Young Life camp deep in the evergreen forest, Julie shared Her faith with a young hurting teen View >>