Life is hard and then you…play
Games are part of our culture, all of our youngsters play them. But why? First of all it’s nothing new, really it isn’t. Humans have played all kinds of games for thousands of years. Not only humans play, animals do it as well. Look at little kittens, they play through their first months of their lives. Even when they grow up, they won’t stop playing. It’s more or less the same with humans. In our childhood we played hide and seek, or tag and many other games. Some of us played war games, that could be recognized as a role playing game. So, if you played war games, dressed up like a cowboy, or knight, you where larping. Yes, you too! In our homes we used to play all kind of card and board games. Not much changed. Kids today play video games, these games just evolved. So when the former generation says: “we don’t get it why those kids play so much!”, they just have to think about their own childhood. In all honesty, games evolved big time! It’s [...]