AEG's Cat Lady Now Available on iOS and Android | Gameosity
Celebrate o' cat lovers! NOMAD Games and Alderac Entertainment Group have released Cat Lady for iOS and Android! Created and illustrated by Josh Wood, Cat Lady is a game of kitty collecting, where players want to gather as many adorable felines and associated toys, costumes, and catnip as they can while still being able to keep their cats happy. Don Whiteford CEO Nomad Games: "I come from a long line of Cat Ladies and this superbly designed and accessible card game from AEG is the perfect way to keep on top of the family tradition. Josh's game is a real treat for families, cat lovers and card gamers alike". Josh Wood, designer: "My favorite thing about working on Cat Lady has been sharing the game with others, and watching them experience and love it. I'm thrilled that the app will introduce Cat Lady to a wider audience – both those who will get to play the game for the first time, as well as dedicated fans who will have a new way to play the game on the go. A big thank you to AEG