Space Base Review | Gameosity
In Space Base from Alderac Entertainment Group, you and your fellow Commodores will toss the dice, launch your fleet, collect credits and stack influence to the stars as you work to prove yourselves worthy of rising through the naval ranks! With an armada of ships at your disposal, smart deployment strategy, and a whole lot of luck, maybe you'll be the one to get promoted to Admiral of the Fleet! Josh: Wait, this game has a plot? I had no idea! Andrew: Yeah, me either. I just think of it as 'roll dice, get stuff, earn points'. Jess: Good enough for me! First and foremost, Space Base is a game that's dedicated to keeping all players engaged at all times. It's one of those games that Josh has described as 'generous' - the sort of game that doesn't really make you wait for your turn before it showers you with resources, currency, and points, keeping you invested in every single toss of the dice. And while Space Base is certainly an engine-building game at heart, it's assuredly