PAI Partners Buys Asmodee from Eurazeo | Gameosity
Asmodee has grown to epic proportions over the last few years under the guidance of Eurazeo, a global investment company and now PAI Partners, a European private equity firm based in Paris, France, has now purchased the company for €565 million. According to Eurazeo, "In four years, Asmodee's revenue has grown from €125 million to €442 million, representing an average annual growth rate of 37%, and is now generated 75% internationally. At the same time, publishing revenues increased to nearly two-thirds of games sales. The Group also completed 20 acquisitions, representing over €140 million in revenue." That's a whole lotta meeples right there. What will this mean for the gaming industry where Asmodee oversees so many big name brands? Well Gaëlle d'Engremont, Partner at PAI Partners, is looking forward to expanding the company's reach as she comments below: "Asmodee represents a unique opportunity to invest in a fast-growing platform within the gaming industry, as part of PAI's