Wonderland Xiii Review | Gameosity
There is no chapter thirteen. It's that simple. Lewis Carol's classic story concludes with Alice's awakening from Wonderland, and the story ends there. But what if it continued? The dream of that thirteenth chapter is what inspired the theme of Wonderland Xiii, a game where players will gather fragments of what might have been, forming sets as they try to architect the shape of what might have been. Jess: So, first thing's first - Wonderland Xiii is a darn pretty game. Andrew: I'll say - I didn't know precisely what to expect from this one - the small box is nondescript enough. But the art and presentation is fantastic! Gameosity received a review copy of Wonderland Xiii. We were not otherwise compensated. This game came from Play With Us Designs. But Wonderland Xii has more going on than just pretty presentation. In it, each player is trying to build a tableau of cards which will score them points. To do so, they will draw cards from one of the available decks (five, to