Root Roleplaying Game Licensed to Magpie Games | Gameosity
OMG you guys! We're getting a Root RPG!!! Leder Games and Magpie Game have agreed to a multi-year licensing agreement to produce a tabletop roleplaying game set in the world of Root: A Game of Woodland Might and Right. "I will always treasure roleplaying as the formative experience for me in gaming," says Patrick Leder, owner and creative director of Leder Games. "Root is one of my favorite games, and I am delighted Leder Games will be working with Magpie to bring Root to the roleplaying world." Based on Root, an asymmetric game where multiple animal factions ear over the woodland, in the RPG players will get to take on the roles of vagabonds, neutral characters who are looking to find fame and fortune among the growing strife. You can choose to join one of the factions like the Marquise de Cat, the aristocrtic Eyrie Dynasties, or perhaps the revolutionaries making up the Woodland Alliance. Then again, you could always go it alone. "From the moment we sat down to play Root at Gen