Northstar Games Announces OCEANS | Gameosity
Northstar Games has announced the next "evolution" of their popular science-based Evolution Game Series and this time they're visiting the briny deeps! In what Northstar calls "their most ambitious project to date", OCEANS is a collaborative effort between Nick Bentley (veteran game designer and former neurobiologist), Brian O'Neill (professor of marine biology), and Dominic Crapuchettes (award-winning game designer). Previous Evolution games introduced ideas about habitats, evolutionary advantages, environmental effects and other scientific concepts. With OCEANS, Northstar is now introducing legendary creatures like Leviathan and the Hydra with a new set of cards called "The Deep". The game will be illustrated by Catherine Hamilton who has brought the other Evolution games to life with her vibrant art. "OCEANS is too deep for just one team to explore. Select playtesters will be instrumental in polishing the best boardgame our company has ever released," states Dominic Crapuchettes,