Five Seals of Magic Review | Gameosity
In Five Seals of Magic, each player is on a quest to unlock the most potent magical spells by making their way through the Arcana Tower and just bashing the living heck out of the five magical seals who live there. Jess: Um... Andrew: ...wait, I got confused about which kind of seals we're destroying, again, didn't I. Jess: Just a little. Gameosity received a copy of Five Seals of Magic for review. We weren't otherwise compensated. Ok, so besides the whole waterborne mammalian violence, my initial description of Five Seals of Magic still stands. You and your fellow players will race through the tower, using dice to bypass seals in order to reach more and more powerful spells. And as you gather up those spells, you'll be using them to further manipulate dice, letting you advance faster and further through the tower with each move. Seals come in 5 colors, corresponding to the dice used to break them (except for the purple seals, those can be broken by any dice). At the