Jess's Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 9/2/18 | Gameosity
So I heard it's Friday. You know what that means! Kickstarter projects! Meeple Party Do you crave the anxiety inducing task that is planning a party. Why yes I am an introvert. How did you know? Anyhoot, if raucous events are your thing then you should check out Meeple Party. The gist of the game is that everyone is playing roommates who have decided to throw a party. You all have different objectives for this fiesta. Maybe you want to catch a photo of some wallflowers hanging out in the livingroom or perhaps snap a selfie with your best bud in the kitchen. Whatever your goals you'll need to move partygoers around the house to fulfill your tasks. As you play, your characters will receive stress based on where meeples are in the house or events. You need to make sure that everyone stays calm and collected throughout the party to win because if everyone hits max stress the party is considered a failure and you must live with the shame for the rest of your life or at lest the next five