ARGH Review | Gameosity
ARGH, or Animals Revolt aGainst Humans, is a game of bluffing and set collection that capitalizes on minimalist design to deliver a surprising punch of gameplay in an extremely slim 24 card package. Over the course of this delightfully quick game, you'll bluff and draft your way towards your goal of either being the team of barnyard animals that earns the most points, or who completes their bomb first. Three draw piles, filled with allies, foes, spies, and bombs...And you *want* the bombs. Gameosity was provided a review copy of ARGH by Dude Games. We were not otherwise compensated. Jess: Wait wait wait. Animals? Bluffing? Bombs? Andrew: Heh, yeah, ARGH's a little bit of an odd bird, theme-wise. And that assuredly includes some very odd birds. Just don't make eye-contact In ARGH, each player is trying to find the parts needed to gather a team of allied animals and construct a bomb to overthrow the foul human oppressors and - you know what? This isn't exactly Animal Farm -