Genius Games Makes Science Easy With New Game: Periodic | Gameosity
Edit: The Kickstarter is now live! I always enjoyed science class, but chemistry was a tough subject. Trying to memorize things like chemical compounds the periodic table can take hours and hours of study which can be a tough sell to a teenager. That's where Genius Games comes in. They are a St. Louis-based board game publisher who designs games that teach complex science with fun, easy to learn gameplay. This week they are Kickstarting their new game, Periodic. According to Genius Games, In Periodic players"strategically activate periodic trends (such as "increasing atomic mass") to speed across the periodic table, collecting elements to score points. As you move across the board, you're also racing to end your turn in specific element groups, competing with opposing players to earn the limited bonus points!" "This game was really a no-brainer for us," says John Coveyou, head designer and founder of the company. "Everyone has to learn about the periodic table, and it's a crucial body