The Palace of Mad King Ludwig Review | Gameosity
The Mad King is at it again! First, he had you build a bunch of castles. Then he added some secrets. Now, he wants a palace! In The Palace of Mad King Ludwig, players will work together to build up a palace, one room at a time, in an effort to garner Ludwig's favor. But make no mistake - even though everyone's working on a single structure, The Palace of Mad King Ludwig is nothing close to a collaborative game, and only one architect will impress the king and win the day. You'll have to hurry, though, because the palace moat is closing in on all sides, and space gets tighter by the turn! Gameosity was provided a review copy of this game by Bézier Games. We were not otherwise compensated for this review. Jess: King Ludwig again, eh? Andrew: Yeah. That zany dude has served as inspiration for more than a few of the titles from Bézier Games. He's basically Ted Alspach's version of H.P. Lovecraft. Jess: Hehe, yeah, it can feel that way. Think about it - a mad genius, obsessed