Jess's Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 9/7/18 | Gameosity
Friday is payday for me so lets turn those sweet socks bucks (yes, I make socks for a living) into board games though the magic of Kickstarter! Here are a few campaigns that caught my eye this week. INFAMOUS INFAMOUS sets you in the shoes of aspiring supervillians. If you want to be the best evil-doer around, you'll need to earn your infamy. Each player has a supervillian character complete with their unique powers and weaknesses. As you play you will build up your evil lair, hire henchmen, and complete nefarious jobs around the world. I can really see people getting into their roles for INFAMOUS, practicing their evil cackles and wringing hands while they plot out their next dastardly deed. Rob Guillory's art is fantastic and really gives the game a comic-book feel. Check out INFAMOUS on Kickstarter here. The Ancient World (2nd Edition) Ah Ryan Laukat games... Sorry I drifted off there for a second as mused over them. Laukat games are so wonderfully good. The Ancient World is