Green Couch Games Announces Into the Black Forest | Gameosity
Coming to Kickstarter next month, Into The Black Forest is a beautiful hand-management game from Jason Slingerland. The game is set deep in Germany's Black Forest where players will traverse its dangerous paths encountering challenges and finding helpful creatures along the way. According to Green Couch Games: "At the beginning of each round, players will draw 6 cards from their personal deck and reveal 3 cards from the Encounter deck in center of the play area. The Encounter cards will direct the play of each hand and provide a glimpse of what challenges lie ahead for future encounters. Players will take turns playing a card to an open slot around the outside of the Encounter cards with each side scoring in a different way once the Encounter card is surrounded. At the bottom, the low card will beat the high card, taking the value of the high card for points" "To the left side, the card played will score it's value only if it's suit matches one of the cards played above. On the