Jess's Fave Five Kickstarters of the Week 8/17/18 | Gameosity
Welcome to another exciting week of Kickstarters! Which ones are tempting me with their exciting themes and awesome minis? Check out the list below to find out! Liberation - An Asymmetric Hidden Movement Game Buttonshy Games are well known for their tiny wallet games that pack in a lot of fun. In their newest hand management game, Liberation, you get an entire galactic rebellion in only 18 cards. Liberation is a two player game where one side acts as the Dynasty, looking to discover the Liberation's secret base and destroy it while the Liberation is just trying to survive for 3 eras. I really like that Buttonshy games are small enough to toss in your pocket and often don't need any other components to play. You can bring an entire collection of these wallet games on trips and never run out of things to play. Liberation looks like another fine addition to the series and with this Kickstarter when you back the base game you get the expansion for free! Check out Liberation on