Vampire: The Masquerade Heritage Board Game Coming in 2019 | Gameosity
White Wolf Entertainment is working with, board game publisher, Nice Game Publishing GmbH to bring you a new board game in the Vampire: The Masquerade storytelling universe — Vampire: The Masquerade - Heritage. "We're happy to be working with Nice Game Publishing to further expand the gameplay universe of Vampire: The Masquerade," said Martin Ericsson, Lead Storyteller at White Wolf. "Seeing how they plan to take the popular Legacy format board game and bring Vampire into that style of play is something we are eager to see, and we're sure our fans will be excited to play Heritage when it arrives in stores." Designed by Babis Giannios, this new Legacy-format game will delve into the history of the Vampire clans through usual undead tactics: political machinations, subversion and secrecy. According to the press release: Vampire: The Masquerade - Heritage is a 2-4 player Legacy-styled board game that takes 20-40 minutes to play. During the game, players build a bloodline from characters