Jess's Fav Five Kickstarters of the Week 7/13/18 | Gameosity
It's a hot, hot, hot July! What crowdfunding delights will this month present us with? Well, let's check out what's on offer this week! Nunami I took one look at Nunami and was instantly intrigued. It is an area influence game of man vs. nature. Players will take turns placing cards and flipping nearby cards face-up in order to score points. Bases score once they are filled and points are awarded to the player who has the most cards of their color on the base. You can also gain points depending on what number the cards on the base add up to. The purple player is looking for positive values while the green player needs negative values. Simple, beautiful, and charming, Nunami is the first Inuit designed tabletop game and is meant to promote an understanding of ensuring co-existence between mankind and nature. Honoring that idea, the designer, Thomassie Mangiok, is making the game water resistant so players can enjoy Nunami outdoors. I really enjoy hiking and camping and this seems