Take the Galaxy Review | Gameosity
Offering up a unique twist on galactic exploration and expansion, Take The Galaxy gave us a little bit of a head-fake when we first saw it. To look over the identical player decks that everyone starts with and the planets and ships each player is looking to colonize, one might be tempted to think this was a deck builder of some sort. But in actuality Take The Galaxy is a trim, neatly-designed set collection/card drafting game set in a brand new galaxy, where each player's faction is rushing to colonize planets, gather resources, and investigate alien life and technologies in order to claim the greatest renown and (bum bum buuuum!!!) Take The Galaxy! Gameosity received a review copy of Take The Galaxy. We were not otherwise compensated. Take The Galaxy was funded on Kickstarter, and a few of these images are from their campaign (they're really nice), but this is not a preview - Take The Galaxy is fully finished and currently available! A game of Take The Galaxy plays out over a