Kaiju Incorporated Review | Gameosity
Corporations are all about finding the next 'big thing'. What's going to be the new hit product next year? What's the idea that's going to turn the biggest profit, promote the best innovations, control the largest chunk of the market? Rob: You want big ideas? Well my friend, nothing's bigger than a frackin' KAIJU!!! Andrew: ...Ok, I walked into that one. Here's our review of Kaiju Incorporated. Gameosity received a review copy of this game. We were not otherwise compensated. Kaiju Incorporated is a card drafting, set collection card game from Evil Hat Productions, the folks behind The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game. In Kaiju Incorporated, each player represents a company who is looking to make the biggest profit they can off of the recent wave of Kaiju attacks. Andrew: Ah, looking upon a massive humanitarian crisis and seeing only the profit margins. Gotta love those corporations! Each corp starts with a basic building of each type and trackers for their income,