Unearth Review | Gameosity
Unearth is, in all honesty, an abstract game. There's a veneer of theme, that of tribes of adorable little creatures scouring the world for lost places and the ruins of a once-great civilization. But in all practicality, that theme doesn't really matter to the game at all, aside from the art on some of the cards. But that's ok! The theme simply isn't necessary to inform Unearth's gameplay, which is fairly easy to grasp. At the center of the table, a row of ruins wait to be excavated and claimed. Each player has a set of 'workers', here represented by some polyhedrals which will inevitably be familiar to most anyone who has ever tried to dungeon a dragon or two. But these dice aren't for battle - instead, the dice in Unearth will be rolled and assigned to the ruins as players vie for control over these locations. On each turn, you must roll one of your dice and send that worker off to one of the ruins. For the most part, your aim is to gain control of ruins for your tribe, as