Feudum Review | Gameosity
When we first saw Mark Swanson's Feudum, we were mesmerized. Not just due to the truly unique aesthetic, as provided by artist Justin Schultz, though it assuredly is a striking game to look upon. Rather, what was immediately clear was that Feudum was something which looked and felt new - the Feudum Kickstarter introduces itself as 'articulate and inventive' (words which we now think can be applied to this sandbox-style game with at least a 50% success rate, but let's not skip ahead too much). From the field of territories waiting to be explored, to the oddly adorable monsters which presumably would terrorize the countryside, to the six guildmasters, whose shared economy would act as a massive interconnected engine, Feudum looked somehow both deep and engaging, approachable but also intimidating. To unpack Feudum in brief, to somehow try to encapsulate its mechanisms in a quick turn of phrase, seems impossible. A succinct rules summary (my least favorite part of composing any