Jess's Fav Five Kickstarters of the Week 5/31/18 | Gameosity
Hello everyone! Another week, another dose of wallet-draining Kickstarter treats for us to examine. Let's go! Fantastic Factories: A Dice Placement Engine Building Game Well, all I feel like I need to say about this one is that Andrew backed it the second it went live. Fantastic Factories is a clever-looking combo building game, where players use dice as workers in an effort to create the most awesome point-generating machine they can! Clever placement of dice will generate resources which you can then use to further improve your engine and manipulate your dice, making bigger and bigger plays possible. Fantastic Factories looks right up our alley - clever, cute, and really satisfying to play. We backed it, so of course we recommend checking it out! Yokai Septet I'm a sucker for a good trick taking game, doubly so if it features gorgeous art. Yokai Septet hits on both those points, featuring Yokai (elemental spirits) and a neat twist on trick taking gameplay. In it, 3