Jess's Fav Five Kickstarters of the Week 5/18/18 | Gameosity
Fridays mean a close to the traditional work week and new beginnings for weekends of fun. They also mean a list of my Kickstarter picks for the week! On Tour - A strategic "roll and write" board game In On Tour you'll be trying to draw your musical tour across the country. Each turn the current player will draw 3 state cards and roll two 10-sided dice. These dice will be combined to form a two digit number that everyone simultaneously must add to their map; choosing one of the regions the state cards indicate to add their number in. Once all states are filled you must draw a line between any numbers in ascending order (visiting each number only once). The person who scores the most points from the states they visit, wins! I adore games that has a beautiful aesthetic, quick set-up, and easy-to-learn rules. On Tour looks like the type of game you can bring to any gaming group and get playing in