The Neverland Rescue Kickstarter Preview | Gameosity
I have to say, if you asked me what the theme of a 2-player asymmetrical deduction/set collection hybrid from veteran designer Scott Almes would be, I think Peter Pan would be about as far from my first guess as anything (Tiny Epic Detectives, anyone?). But I was pleasantly surprised by the artwork in this Kickstarter prototype, which Letiman Games sent our way to check out ahead of their campaign. So come join Peter, Wendy, John, Michael, and the rest as they go off to rescue their friends from the nefarious clutches of Captain Hook!...Well, singular 'clutch' technically, I guess. But here we go! Peter and his allies **Kickstarter Prototype Babble - Art and components not final, some stuff stolen from the KS campaign!** From the top down, The Neverland Rescue runs like so: one player plays Peter and his band, and the other takes on Hook and the pirates. Pan wants to rescue his friends in order to win the game, while Hook wants to ferret out all of Pan's friends' hideouts in order