Interview with JR Honeycutt on Fireball Island | Gameosity
So, when I was a kid one of my absolute favorite games was Fireball Island. The game was a huge, vacuformed plastic island with a rotating volcano head that spat fireballs at your characters as you tried to ascend the cliffs and grab the gem. Alas, much like a real fireball, this massive, unwieldy, but ultimately enjoyable game did not survive the intervening years, and I figured my time with Vul-kar was nothing more than a distant memory. But then along game Restoration Games, with their mission of bringing back the awesomeness of our childhood games, and the faint embers of memory flickered to life in a blaze of nostalgia! Last year, Restoration Games announced they would be creating a revamp of the game and I was thrilled silly! This past weekend we actually got to play a prototype at PAX East. Did it stand up to the original? OH MY GOSH YES! Restoration Games managed to not only capture the soul of the volcano god Vul-kar in this revamp, but they also added a ton of exciting