Interview with Carla Kopp of Weird Giraffe Games | Gameosity
Carla Knopp is the head of Weird Giraffe Games, publishers of Stellar Leap, Super Hack Override, and, their upcoming game, Fire in the Library. I really admire how she's taken her love of games and created a thriving publishing company of her own! Having met Carla at last year's Gen Con and getting to spend more time with her via social media, I've discovered she's smart yet shy, perhaps even a little unassuming, and has a real passion for the industry. We just finished reviewing her game Fire in the Library, which is live on Kickstarter now, but I wanted to get to know person behind the company a little bit better. Carla was cool enough to answer some questions and give us some insight into the woman behind the Giraffe! Jess: What made you make the decision to get into designing/publishing games? Carla: It wasn't a decision that was made at a certain point, it kind of just happened. I had been playing tabletop games and making slight modifications to the rules to make play more