The Lost Expedition Getting New Expansion This Fall! | Gameosity
Exciting news adventurers! One of our favorite cooperative-survival games, The Lost Expedition, is getting an expansion called: The Fountain of Youth & Other Adventures! "We fell in love hard with The Lost Expedition, so we knew we weren't finished with it," said Duncan Molloy, Games Developer at Osprey Games. "I can honestly say that The Fountain of Youth & Other Adventures is the most fun we've had developing a new project at Osprey. New friends, mechanics and encounters, but the same dangerous charm." Speaking about the project, Peer Sylvester, designer of The Lost Expedition, commented "In my opinion, an expansion should never simply offer more of the same, but should always try to surprise the players with something new. I am delighted to say that The Fountain of Youth & Other Adventures does exactly that, building upon the original game both thematically and mechanically, and I hope that everyone enjoys it!" Scheduled for release in September 2018, The Fountain of