Interview with Lucian Kahn Designer of Dead Friend | Gameosity
Joseph: As you may have seen, I recently spoken briefly about Dead Friend: A Game of Necromancy by Lucian Kahn. In short, I loved it (for a slightly longer version of this sentiment, read the article here. So it was a great joy to be able to interview Lucian about the game, what's next, and other things besides. Lucian Kahn (he looks so innocent. Him a nercomancer? Surely not!) Joseph: Give us the elevator pitch for Dead Friend: A Game of Necromancy. Lucian: Dead Friend is a storytelling RPG for a necromancer and a ghost. One player is alive, the other dead. You used to be best friends, but your relationship went horribly wrong. You've got Tarot cards, a grimoire of spells, and a giant pentagram. Discover your past together, evoke the dead, and battle out your issues! The game tends to go one of two ways: spooky emotional or spooky funny. Either way, it solves the problem of what to do when only one person shows up to RPG night. Joseph: What got you interested in this topic, and this