Fugitive Review | Gameosity
There's a reason that 'chase scenes' are mainstays of cinematic thrillers. There are few moments in any story that can rival the excitement of that game of cat and mouse, where one character relentlessly tracks the other, matching wits and testing mettle to see whether it will be the pursuer who catches her quarry, or the pursued who will make it out by the skin of his teeth. Fugitive, by the talented Tim Fowers, aims to bring that experience to the table with its tight, asymmetrical gameplay for 2. Jess: GIVE IT UP, KIMBLE! Andrew: No, not that Fugitive. Jess: Oh, ok... In Fugitive, one player will play that titular Fugitive, who will move from hideout to hideout as he sprints ever-closer to the airport and a clean getaway. On the other side of the table, the Marshal will doggedly pursue the Fugitive, overturning his hideouts and setting up roadblocks ahead of him, working to snag him in an ever-tightening pair of handcuffs. Andrew: Handcuffs not included. They