New York 1901 Review | Gameosity
As a native New Yorker, I grew up with our iconic skyline in clear view of my bedroom window. But the city's fascination with massive vertical structures (made possible by Manhattan bedrock) started nearly a century before my architect father taught me the names of each of those iconic buildings. In New York 1901, you will play as a real estate mogul, grabbing up parcels of land and raising steel to the sky as you try to out-maneuver and out-build your opponents. EXTRA EXTRA! ABSTRACT TILE_LAYING GAME FEATURES AMAZING ARTWORK! Blue Orange Games has marketed New York 1901 as a 'Family Plus' game, indicating that it is meant to fit in a niche somewhere between the accessible fare that tends to bring a blend of young and older players to the table, and the 'hobby' level gamers who tend to crave deeper, more meaningful gameplay. But can a game do so while still being engaging for everyone involved? Andrew: And what's interesting about New York 1901 is that, upon learning it and