Blank Review | Gameosity
Blank is, simply put, as fun as you make it. As with the rest of The Creativity Hub's catalog, Blank is designed to take advantage of the creativity and individuality of its players to elevate the experience of its gameplay. However unlike Untold (and the limitless sets of Rory's Story Cubes which power that game), Blank has no storytelling component and is most decidedly a 'game' rather than an exercise in creativity. At the risk of using language which will undercut your estimation of Blank before I even explain what makes it unique, Blank's mechanical core is essentially Uno (horrified gasps from the crowd): Each player has a hand of cards which they are looking to discard faster than the other players. To discard a card, it must match either the number or the color of the top card of the discard pile and if they can't, they draw a card instead. First player to empty their hand is the winner. Andrew: So far, so good, right? Wait, wait, don't leave yet! We haven't even