Word Domination Review | Gameosity
Spelling games are a classic genre, and, I admit, rarely my favorite. Recently, there have been some real standouts (Gil Hova's Wordsy, Tim Fowers' Paperback, to name a couple), but for the most part, there is something just a little tiresome about them, isn't there? mean, how challengng s t to wrte out a... Andrew: Wat, what s happenng here? Jess: Oh, I'm sorry, were you trying to use the letter 'I'? Andrew: Was tryng to use the letter ''? Uh, yes. Jess: Then I'm afraid you're the first victim to fall prey to my dastardly plot for Word Domination! You see, I have stolen the letter 'I' and now only I may use it! Andrew: 'm so confused rght now. A unique hybrid of area control and spelling mechanics, Word Domination has players taking on the roles of daring villains who are steal letters (somehow) and the various treasures associated with them. Featuring phenomenal art from Ryan Goldsberry (whose work on Paperback inspired us to put his art up around our home), Word