Pairs: Deluxe Edition Review | Gameosity
Recently, my husband and I went upstate to visit my family for the holidays. It was great - we rarely get to visit my folks, and it's been years since all our schedules aligned so perfectly that we could see my mom this close to Christmas. Andrew and I were really excited to see the family and eat waaay too much. Andrew: But family does not sustain itself on sauerbraten alone - there must be games! I'm always on the lookout for a good family game - you know the kind; it's got to be quick enough to play between dinner and dessert, simple enough to explain to a table full of distracted and over-full people, and engaging enough to keep everyone's attention. Big bonus points for hearkening back to the feel of classic card games your relatives may have already played, to make the transition even easier. Jess: And Pairs Deluxe Edition hits all those check-boxes, and a few more besides! The Pairs deck features cards in value from 1-10, with each card being present in the deck a number