Player Type Gift Guide | Gameosity
There are precious few days left before Christmas and hopefully you have most of your shopping done, but just in case you need a few more suggestions, we came up with our player type shopping guide. The Collector The collector takes pleasure in the games they own. It may or may not actually be tied to rarity, or genre, or taste - each collector is different. But for these dragons, the likelihood that you'll randomly stumble into something that isn't already in their hoard is probably rare. So save yourself the heartache of picking out that one game in a hundred (or seven hundred...) they haven't bought themselves, and think outside the box - the collector loves their games so much, you might as well effectively give their games the presents! What to buy them: Upgrades Custom bits, upgraded components, metal coins, the works! Meeple Source is an amazing site to grab upgraded bits to deluxify lots of different games. Inserts & Organizers Broken Token provides a ton of after