Blades in the Dark Review | Gameosity
Contributed by Chris Wolf Blades in the Dark is a new roleplaying game by John Harper about scoundrels in a haunted city building a criminal empire. What really sets Blades apart, beyond any mechanical or thematic element, is its consistent and holistic awareness of the moment to moment experience at the table. More than any RPG I've played, the book, feels designed to be used in play as opposed to merely being referenced in prep. Blades in the Dark's relatively complex mechanics build on each other intuitively, thanks to its object-oriented design and presentation. RPGs often present their rules monolithically, a chunk of complex data to be memorized beforehand and then idiomatically regurgitated at the table. Blades, on the other hand, is a collection of precise tools, each one specialized, accessible, and scalpel-sharp. Blades in the Dark can get away with a high number of subsystems by making use of a very concentric design. Concentric design is a concept Vincent Baker has written