Grey Fox Games to Publish Book of Dragons | Gameosity
Grey Fox Games is announcing that it will be publishing Book of Dragons from Robert Burke Games and adding the game to its line. The project, currently live on Kickstarter, is a card game system featuring stunning art by Kerem Beyit and graphic design by Luis Francisco. 40 tarot sized cards make up a set that serves as a canvas for designers and the basis of a wide array of games for players. There are already a number of acclaimed designers who have created designs for the system, including games from Mike Fitzgerald (Mystery Rummy, Baseball Highlights: 2045), Martin Wallace (Age of Steam, A Study in Emerald), Jonathan Gilmour (Dead of Winter, Vault Wars),Robert Burke (Operation F.A.U.S.T. and Draco Magi) and Gil Hova (The Networks, Wordsy). "You combine gorgeous art with plenty of diverse designs already in existence from established designers that board gamers know and love and this is a no brainer," said Shane Myerscough, president of Grey Fox Games. "We're excited to help share