Cauldron Master Review | Gameosity
Diana: So, what are we playing this time? Rob: It's a game about witches collecting ingredients in order to brew potions. Diana: And it's all card-based? Rob: Yup! Diana: Well I guess we should get- Finley: *runs across the cards and settles on Diana's lap* Rob: Well this is thematically appropriate. Commence preparations for brewing! Cauldron Master - from designers Caezar Al-Jassar and Kuly Heer, and publisher Alley Cat Games - is a card game that features a mix of set collection and bidding as players try to out-brew their rival witches. The basics are pretty, well, basic, with each player starting with a hand of five witch cards that are used to determine who gets to collect what types of ingredients first. Higher values mean a better chance of gathering before everyone else, but once a witch is used they're out of the running until all of the other witches have been used - so you probably don't want to blow through all of your best cards too early on. The trick is figuring