2017 Non-Board Game Gift Guide for Board Gamers | Gameosity
One of the questions we get the most around this time of year is: What can I get someone who loves tabletop games, but already has so many? Well to this I say: There is a world of items that either show off your love of games or help you play them. Diana did a fantastic version of this list back in 2015 that still rocks to this day, but there are plenty of new places to shop at. Check out the list below for ideas on what to get your gamer this year. Tabletop inspired jewelry There's a lot of stores that will offer you jewelry that is basically a meeple in a chain or dice made into earrings. I wanted to find something that goes the step beyond into high-quality, handcrafted designs. Francois Reissi, of Proud to be a Player, designs board game inspired jewelry on Shapeways. The pieces are 3D printed in polished brass and plated with Rhodium. Check out his work here. While Moore Design doesn't offer many choices in tabletop designs, Austin Moore's dice jewelry are really stunning. The