Holiday Gift Guide: Out-of-Print Treasures | Gameosity
A Gift-Giving Guide for the Gamer Who Has Everything (Only the industrious need apply.) The problem with buying your serious gamer friends new boardgames for the holidays is that sometimes they already have everything they want. If it's not already on their shelves, it's probably in a box on its way from the CSI Black Friday Sale. A gift of Kingdomino is lovely, but it's not going to take anyone by surprise. So what I'm offering today is a list of out-of- print (or hard-to- find) games that many serious gamers would be shocked and delighted to find beneath the tree. But first, a couple caveats. These games are hard to find (extra challenge for the gift-giver, but also extra joy for the gift-receiver—it's a trade-off). My recommendation about where to find such games: 1. Try the Market listings under the game's Board Game Geek entry. Usually, you'll find someone somewhere in your country willing to sell a copy. 2. Subscribe to some Facebook groups where people offer game sales and