Jess's Fav Five Kickstarters of the Week 11/10/17 | Gameosity
There are campaigns a plenty all over Kickstarter, so how do you find out which ones are worth exploring? I have a few suggestions! Come with me and find out which five Kickstarters caught my interest this week! 1. Ravine I had the pleasure to preview Ravine and the review will be coming out soon, but for a quick overview: Ravine is a minimalist survival card game where your plane has just crashed and you and your friends must find a way to find shelter and gather enough food to last you until help arrives. Ravine has some gorgeous art design paired with challenging play. During the day phase players can gather resource cards, but you must sacrifice a heart from your small pool health for ever card you pull. You only have 6 hearts and during the night phase there are dangers that threaten to hurt you further. You might face a raging storm or ravenous raccoons and if they take enough of your health you'll start going a little mad. Madness cards cause you do things that will make the