Spooky Up Your Game Night This Halloween! | Gameosity
Halloween lurks just around the turn of the sun and what better way to celebrate the ghoulish night than with some delightfully scary games! Here are some of our top picks of games from this year to play with your fellow ghosts and goblins this Halloween! Campy Creatures This card game was a super-surprise for us when we picked it up at Gen Con. It is a little set collection game where everyone's a mad scientist looking to gather up test subjects for their villainous experiments. To kidnap the humans they seek, the scientists send out monsters to compete for the humans on offer. Each turn everyone will play 1 card simultaneously and then whoever played the highest value card gets first pick of a mortal card to add to their score pile...except for the twist that almost every card has a power which can muck with everything. Some powers make you discard cards, negate other players powers, or even hand unwanted cards to your opponents. Campy Creatures really surprised us with how fun it