Jess's Fav Five Kickstarters of the Week 10/20/17 | Gameosity
Are you ready for another five awesome Kickstarters? I sure am! Lets take a look at what I am excited about this week! 1. Too Many Bones: Undertow As many of you know, custom die are like catnip for Andrew. I always keep an eye out for interesting and unique dice games and Too Many Bones: Undertow fits that like a glove. Here we have a game that merges RPG style character building with tactical dice placement and chip-based combat. That's a lot of words that might not make sense, but let me break it down. Every player will have a character whose stats are determined by dice that will be added to your sheet or upgraded as you play; overcoming challenges and earning experience. The chips represent your character and the monsters they face. They'll be placed on the battlefield and the symbols on the chips combined with your character's skills will determine what you can do and where you can attack. As characters and baddies take damage in a fight, they lose chips and eventually get