PAX Unplugged Schedule Has Arrived! | Gameosity
Excited for PAX Unplugged yet? Well we are! There are a ton of exciting events to check out at this year's inaugural convention. I've gone through the list to give you a quick breakdown of everything you can expect at the show. Tournaments You want tournaments? Well, boy are you in luck! There are over 150 tabletop and video game tournaments to compete in. Some games I fully expected, like X-Wing, Hero Clix, Pokemon, Twilight Imperium, Splendor, and King of Tokyo, but there are a bunch of titles I had never considered for tournament play like Keyflower, Push Fight, Dixit, Bloodborne, and Potion Explosion. I really, really wish Josh was going just so I could see him participate in the Port Royal tournament (it would be epic, trust me). Roleplaying There are a ton of games being run at the convention, but here are a couple of exciting opportunities I saw on the schedule: D&D Adventurer's League is running games all weekend. The games are part of an ongoing official campaign for